Revival + Tonic Duo
  • Revival + Tonic Duo


    The Facial tonic and Revival Oil duo is the perfect combination. The illuminating tonic hydrates your skin, while reducing redness and signs of aging, tightens pores and aids acne. 

    Perfect for all skin and hair types. Revival oil is the perfect everyday oil packed with fatty acids and antioxidants to feed your hair and body to strengthen and regenerate.


    How to:


    Skin Moisturizer

    Using a small amount, massage into skin in circular motions.


    Hair Mask

    Apply desired amount at ends of hair making way toward scalp. Cleanse and condition, as normal, after.


    Hair Serum

    Apply a few drops to ends of hair .



    Shake well, then mist face after cleansing. 

    • This duo has your face, hair and body covered! The tonic shimmers and leaves your face feeling refreshed and glowy, while the oil nourishes your hair and skin. It is the perfect travel companion for your handbag or hand luggage.