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Our guide to the perfect picnic

After summer 2020 in Lockdown we have a new found love for Picnics. What’s not to love about a picnic, the sun is shinning you're eating good food and spending time with the people you love.

Is there a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

This guide will help you upgrade your picnic hosting skills. Because let’s be honest picnics are the new parties.

Firstly the most important part of the picnic is the food. Obvious I know but if you really want to impress your guests ditch the sausage rolls and opt to support an independent restaurant or takeaway. Our top choices are Pizza or sushi it’s simple little mess and is always delicious. Search for independent takeaways near you and have your order delivered to your picnic spot of collect it on your way.

Next you’re going to want to come prepared. The best picnics last until the sun goes down so make sure you have everything you will need for the whole day.

Here’s what we have in our picnic basket:

  • Picnic blanket

  • Napkins - We like to buy compostable napkins, Etsy have a great range

  • Drinks - Remind your guests to bring their bottle of water, single use plastic is not our vibe. If you want to make your picnic even more glamorous we suggest making up a Cocktail/ Mocktail and bringing it with you. Grab some glasses and plenty of ice packs to keep it cold.

  • Suncream, Hat and a Jacket.

  • Sanitiser - Not that we leave the house without it anymore.

  • Something sweet! - If you want to be really fancy bake a batch of cookies or brownies for all your guests or of course use it as another excuse to support a local business and grab a box of something nice from a bakery near you.

  • Grab a speaker for your summer playlist - We have made a Meladora Picnic playlist on Apple Music if you need some inspiration.

  • A game! - Our go to is Uno.

And finally find the perfect location. We like to opt for somewhere quiet with a nice view. The best places are the ones you find by accident but if you want to find nice picnic areas near you look up national trust parks in your area.

Have a great summer and Tag us in your picnic posts we would love to see them!

Love, The Girls at Meladora xox

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